Top 10 Pet Names From 1990s Sitcoms

The decade that gave us grunge, the Spice Girls, triple-pleated jeans, and the Macarena (actually, let's just forget that last thing ever happened) was also arguably the golden age of the taped-in-front-of-a-live-studio-audience sitcom. It's also a decade that yields some pretty great sitcom-inspired pet names for your consideration. Check out our top picks.


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1 - Seinfeld (or Jerry, Seinfeld**)** - For a pet that's easily annoyed by petty stuff.

2 - Chandler (Friends**)** - Can animals be sarcastic? No? Well, it's still a good pet name.

3 - Kramer (Seinfeld**)** - A lanky, goofy pet lacking finesse, but is always a barrel of laughs.

4 - Gunther (Friends**)** - For a moody pet with a permafrown who's prone to jealousy (especially if fair-haired)

5 - Murphy (Murphy Brown**)** - Already a popular name for male pets, but would be great for strong, independent female critters.


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6 - Eddie (from Frasier**)** - For JRTs, of course.

7 - Blossom (Blossom**)** - For smart and spunky female furballs. Points if you get her to pose in a floppy hat!

8 - Frasier (Frasier**)** - For a purebred pet who's on the aloof side.

9 - Salem (Sabrina The Teenage Witch**)** - Black cats, obviously.

10 - Zack (Saved By the Bell**)** - Mischievous male pet who's too cool for school.