Fussy Kitten Interrupts Woman's Fashion Shoot with Hilarious Photobomb

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"Pump your brakes, hooman" -- this cat (and all others) when you try to pull them close

It's an experience most every cat owner can relate to: a cat underfoot, literally begging for your attention—until you give it to them and they promptly lose all interest.


We were reminded of this animal truism earlier in the week when snaps of a fickle feline photobombing his human's fancy fashion shoot viralled out on Twitter.

Video of the Day

Video of the Day

"I was taking cool pictures until my embarrassment of a son ruined it," wrote a Chicago-area woman (with tongue firmly in cheek) on the microblogging platform.

Take a closer look at the images because they are, well, terrific.

Sans cat.

And with cat. 📷💣💯

"As Creative Director of this campaign, I insist you add mohr of something everyone likes: Me!"
"He just wants me for my ankles!!!!!"

Naturally, when she relented and scooped the tiny floof up, he immediately tried to squirm his way out of her loving embrace.



"I actually did try to take pictures with him and he wasn’t having it 😭"

The internet quickly agreed that the yin-and-yang nature of the moment was highly relatable, and soon commenters were sharing pictures of their mews crashing the scene. #hardsame


"My daughter does this when I brush my teeth in the morning," tweeted one woman.

"They must be cousins," quipped another.

"I feel you," added a third.

"That’s nothing look at my sisters dog lmaoooo," warned a fourth. 🤣

"My cat just tries to out pose me," said a cosplayer.

As the thread continued to attract shares and likes, the OP jumped back on Twitter to push back against the trolls ....

.... and share video of the duo cuddling tight — just, as you might imagine, on his terms (press play to watch).

Some things never change.

Is your cat a photobombing ninja? Tell us about it in the comments below!


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