17 Pet Pics Guaranteed To Burn off the Stress of Life

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Need a palette refresh for your eyes — and soul? These four-legged cuties got you.

1. The exact moment this puppy found his person.

2. His snoot got booped by a black cat and now he's an honorary void.

"Kid, you're an Avenger now."


Video of the Day

Video of the Day

3. Just a baby bat with a bat pacifier, NBD.

4. "Can you act normal one time?"

5. "I own a nonprofit kitten rescue and I recently posted this saying it looks like it could be a band album cover. Can anyone make this better? Our followers got a kick out of this and I’d love to share an actual album cover with them."

Team Internet is here to help:

6. Because snow leopard kittens snuggling with their favorite stuffy will never not be 100% adorable.

7. She has a future as a hat and sock model. 12/10 fashion directors would book again for their fall and winter campaigns.

8. When Mom asks you and your sibling to smile nice for the camera.

9. "Rare pic of a cat-egory 3 purricane!!!"

10. He would like to talk about the extended warranty on your automobile. See, it expires at the end of the month and ...

11. Every streak starts with that first win.

12. Home is where the throne is.

13. Keeping evil spirits at bay is next-level friendship.

14. "Sleep in my fancy bed you paid money for? Nah, I'm good, Mom."

15. The service team spilled some fuel on the tarmac but the pilot doesn't seem too upset about it.

16. Himb doin a grow.

17. Aspire to this level of peaceful, care-free chill.