23 Things You'll Understand If You Have A Little Dog

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If you have a little dog, then you understand why they're great. Of course, there's nothing wrong with big dogs, but let's put it this way: Who needs an SUV when you can park a Smart Car anywhere?

1. Little dogs fit pretty much anywhere you put them.

2. Anybody hungry for pupcorn?

3. Just because they're small doesn't mean they can't take care of business.

4. Seriously. Watch out.

5. Sometimes they do get a little intimidated.

6. This dog is about to get his lunch money stolen.

7. This pupper knows she has a lot further to fall.

8. Being teeny does have advantages. For example: super stealth.

9. This face could get away with anything.

10. Some little dogs are even littler than you thought.

11. These fluffs are at least 50 percent hair.

12. Fact: little dogs get the cutest accessories.

13. Looks like someone's trying to compensate for something.

14. Once you have a little dog, you may feel the need to complete your collection.

15. #thestruggleisreal

16. You're all set on chew toys for the next, like, six years.

17. Me: "Where do you get Cheetos that big?" Them: "Those are carrots."

18. Little legs might be a little less interested in long walks.

19. But little dogs can still be impressive athletes!

20. TFW some joker says "Is that a dog or a rat?"

21. Big stack for a short stack.

22. Can't find your dog? Are you sure you checked everywhere?

23. It's better to be 'little' than to 'belittle'.

The takeaway here: Having a tiny dog can teach you some important life lessons!

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