23 Things You'll Understand If You Have A Little Dog

If you have a little dog, then you understand why they're great. Of course, there's nothing wrong with big dogs, but let's put it this way: Who needs an SUV when you can park a Smart Car anywhere?

1. Little dogs fit pretty much anywhere you put them.

Dog in shoe cubby
credit: imgur

2. Anybody hungry for pupcorn?

Dog in popcorn bucket
credit: Imgur

3. Just because they're small doesn't mean they can't take care of business.

Little dog
credit: Dog Shaming

4. Seriously. Watch out.

Chihuahuas next to Beware of Dog sign
credit: Imgur

5. Sometimes they do get a little intimidated.

Little dog chased off couch by rabbit
credit: Imgur

6. This dog is about to get his lunch money stolen.

Cats approaching little dog
credit: Imgur

7. This pupper knows she has a lot further to fall.

8. Being teeny does have advantages. For example: super stealth.

Little dog steals big dog's food
credit: ImgFlip

9. This face could get away with anything.

Little dog begging on hind legs
credit: Imgur

10. Some little dogs are even littler than you thought.

Dogs before and after bath
credit: Bored Panda

11. These fluffs are at least 50 percent hair.

Dogs before and after hair cut
credit: Cheezburger

12. Fact: little dogs get the cutest accessories.

Dog in sunglasses and dress
credit: Instagram

13. Looks like someone's trying to compensate for something.

14. Once you have a little dog, you may feel the need to complete your collection.

Six Pomeranians in the trunk of a car
credit: Cheezburger

15. #thestruggleisreal

Dog trying to lick table
credit: Tumblr

16. You're all set on chew toys for the next, like, six years.

Puppy with big rawhide bone
credit: Tumblr

17. Photo not to scale.

Puppy next to carrots
credit: Tumblr

18. Little legs might be a little less interested in long walks.

Dachshund lying on couch
credit: Cheezburger

19. But little dogs can still be impressive athletes!

Little dog leaping
credit: Imgur

20. TFW some joker says "Is that a dog or a rat?"

Little dog squinting
credit: ImgFlip

21. Big stack for a short stack.

Little dog with miniature pancakes
credit: Tumblr

22. Can't find your dog? Are you sure you checked everywhere?

Dog buried under covers
credit: Imgur

23. Having a tiny dog can teach you some important life lessons.

Little dog with caption
credit: Cheezburger