23 Cats Who Are Feline Naughty

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We've all heard the rumors that cats are secretly evil but of course that's not true! Sometimes, these lovable furballs just land in a sticky situation or two. But, hey, who doesn't? Here are 23 kitties that are feline just a little bit naughty.

1. I made a mess. Wait, I don't care

2. And you thought you were the boss.

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3. First time allowed outside and this happens...

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4. Bet you'll never buy a pet bird again.

5. "What? The baby wasn't even using it."

6. This cat who refuses to let you leave.

7. Grinch Cat

8. "Sorry, were you going to drink this?"

9. Not a chew toy. Repeat: NOT A CHEW TOY!

10. There's one in every family.

11. That's some stinky cat behavior.

12. "I promise, he was already here."

13. "There was a spider."

14. "This stuff's not expensive, is it?"

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15. Older brothers, gotta love 'em.

16. Fresh laundry, perfect for cat naps.

17. "Wasn't me."

18. Decisions, Decisions...

19. Revenge is sweet.

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20. When naughty kitties demand food now.

21. This cat who does not care about your work, human.

22. Human: Love Cat: "No."

But we still love them, anyway!