23 Cats Who Are Feline Naughty

We've all heard the rumors that cats are secretly evil but of course that's not true! Sometimes, these lovable furballs just land in a sticky situation or two. But, hey, who doesn't? Here are 23 kitties that are feline just a little bit naughty.

1. I made a mess. Wait, I don't care

2. And you thought you were the boss.

3. First time allowed outside and this happens...

Cat Attack
credit: Parker Wilson

4. Bet you'll never buy a pet bird again.

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5. "What? The baby wasn't even using it."

6. This cat who refuses to let you leave.

Packing Cat
credit: Julia Wilson

7. Grinch Cat

8. "Sorry, were you going to drink this?"

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9. Not a chew toy. Repeat: NOT A CHEW TOY!

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10. There's one in every family.

Sibling Cats
credit: Julia Ashton

11. That's some stinky cat behavior.

12. "I promise, he was already here."

13. "There was a spider."

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14. "This stuff's not expensive, is it?"

15. Older brothers, gotta love 'em.

Cat in Food Bowl
credit: uslover2017

16. Fresh laundry, perfect for cat naps.

Cat in Laundry
credit: Julia Wilson

17. "Wasn't me."

18. Decisions, Decisions...

Kittens and Fish
credit: Zain4024

19. Revenge is sweet.

20. When naughty kitties demand food now.

21. This cat who does not care about your work, human.

Cat on Books
credit: Julia Wilson

22. Human: Love Cat: "No."

Don't Touch Me Cat
credit: giphy.com

But we still love them, anyway!