20 Times You Wasted Money on Your Cat

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We spend our hard-earned money buying stuff for our cats. We buy them everything from expensive cat beds to toys, but our cats don't care.

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1. The time you stupidly bought cat food for the cat, instead of sushi.

Dumb hooman.

2. When you bought her a new outfit for *your* first day of school.

3. Or that beautiful dress for prom...

...again, it was your prom.


4. Even when the cat picked out his own Halloween costume, he wasn't impressed.

5. Let's talk about the water bills from leaving the faucet on all day for your cat...

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...since he refuses to drink out of a dish like a normal cat.


6. The time you generously treated your cat to a bag of catnip...

...and he used it all at once.

7. "Lending" your cat money for expensive cat dates.

8. You bought all these hilarious cat pillows...

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...and the cat didn't think it was funny.


9. Your cat definitely didn't appreciate the new friend you brought home from the pet store.

10. The time you bought your cat an expensive bed ...

...and he'd only sleep in it if you put his favorite box in there too.


11. Then you bought your cat a new cool cardboard box...

...and he hated it.

12. You had to FORCE your cat to take ukulele lessons...

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...even though he was the one begging for ukulele lessons.


13. Alllll the money you spend on toilet paper.

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14. Buying fun cat toys...

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...when your cat just wanted a potato.

15. Totally didn't even appreciate spiffy new cat shoes.

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16. The time the cat stole your new skateboard.

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17. All the holiday decorations you've replaced.

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18. When your cat wanted to make a rap video, you couldn't say no.

19. That extra phone and data plan wasn't cheap.

20. The time you bought your cat a yurt. And an iPad.

But really, is there anything you'd rather spend money on than your awesome cat?  I didn't think so. Now go buy your cat something expensive. He deserves it.

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