15 Times Living With A Cat Got Weird

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We love cats, but let's be honest: They're total freaking weirdos. Living with a cat you'll discover all sorts of unusual things!


1. Cats will jump on your back.

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Why do they do that?!

2. Cats are odd about people food, like this cat who licks bananas and makes faces.

3. And this cat who thinks string cheese is disgusting.

4. Cats fall asleep in the strangest places.

5. Cats can make the most peculiar shapes!

6. What ARE cats made of anyway?

7. Cats can find their own water, thankyouverymuch.

Instead of the nice, clean water bowl that you put out for them.

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8. And then there's the endless puking.

9. And the endless hair.

10. Say goodbye to privacy.

11. "Goodbye privacy! Hello cat sitting in my lap while I'm pooping!"

12. Cats are spooky.

13. They'll try to sit in anything ...

14. Your cat might try to murder you.

15. But a moment later they're all sweet.

16. Their expressions can creep you out.

17. No two cats will use the litter box the same way.

18. Ummmm.

I don't even know what to say about this last one. I'm just happy my cats don't do that.


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