18 Cats Who Will NOT Be Ignored

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You thought your beloved doggos were the thirstiest for your love and attention? Well, sometimes those quiet, independent kitties won't quit until they alone get your undivided devotion. Get a load of these 18 felines that refuse to be ignored.

1. When internet time is officially over.

2. This precious pussycat that doesn't care about your bladder.

3. "Wait, this video isn't about me?"

4. "Now that I have your attention, a little lower. That's the spot."

5. "Outings without me? Not allowed."

6. "Baking without me? Not allowed."

7. Cuddles now, cuddles later, cuddles always.

8. This kitty who's added himself to your to-do list.

9. These cats who've never heard of bathroom privacy.

10. "Looking for something? Don't worry, you found me."

11. This little guy who demands a spot in the band.

12. "LOOK AT ME!"

13. "Clearly, I'm more interesting than this drivel."

14. A purrrfectly normal morning routine.

15. "You can still move your hand. Don't be dramatic."

16. This kitty that has no shame. #LoveMe

17. "The perfect place to sit ... I will sit there... "

18. Let's face it, they're too cute to ignore anyway.

We love you, kitties!

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