20 Animals Acting Like Total Dads

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The animal kingdom is full of dads. Some of them are total deadbeats (we're looking at you, grizzly bears), but others play an active role in raising their offspring.

1. Buffalo dad says that mowing the lawn builds character and teaches responsibility.

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2. "Got yer nose!"

3. When you're a kid, your dad seems invincible.

4. "Go out there and give 'em hell, kiddo."

5. Dad always has your back.

6. "I don't know—what did your mother say?"

7. Tale as old as time.

8. No list of animal dads would be complete without mentioning Marlin and Nemo.

9. In the jungle, the mighty jungle, a lion takes a nap.

10. "Alright kid, hold on tight while Dad shows you how fast he can go."

11. Dad loves you, even if he makes fun of your fashion choices.

12. TFW your parents get all gross and lovey-dovey.

13. "A plumber is too dam expensive. I can fix it myself!"

14. "Did I ever tell you kids about the time I played trumpet with Sinatra? I'll never forget it."

15. His main purpose in life is to embarrass you.

16. "Tell your mom that the grill is ready!"

17. "Are you sure he's mine? Just kidding, he has my spikes."

18. "Quit monkeying around back there!"

19. Mom makes good pancakes, but Dad's regurgitated shrimp is the best.

20. Shout out to male seahorses, who give birth to hundreds of babies, and don't play favorites.