24 Pictures Of Dogs Kissing Because The World Needs A Little More Love

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Dogs are pretty adept at loving unconditionally. And they love to show said love to literally anyone (or anything) that might need a little extra love. In other words, they love to give kisses.

They don't care if you're human, mammal, or amphibian — they're ready to pucker up if you are.


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So here are a bunch of dogs who are more than happy to spread the slobbery love to whomever — or whatever — may be near.


1. The kisses can be so sweet; they make you melt.

2. Some dogs prefer to kiss with their eyes open.

3. Science says staring at your partner creates intimacy, right?

4. But even sideways sneak attack kisses can be very sweet.

5. Inside or out, warm or cold — dogs are game for a kiss.

6. While other canines prefer to whisper sweet nothings into their lovers' furry ears.

7. These pups have some technique to work on, but their hearts are in the right place.

8. After all, practice makes perfect.

These two definitely need more practice.


9. Sometimes, dog kisses look like iconic movie scenes – like that spaghetti-eating moment from "Lady and the Tramp."

10. Or that famous upside down kiss between Spider-Man and Mary Jane.

11. And sometimes dog kisses are literally reenacting an iconic movie moment.

12. You know, who doesn't mind slobbery kisses? A creature that is already wet, like a fish.

13. And you know who doesn't mind giving a fish a kiss? A dog like this.

14. In fact, lots of dogs are totally down for some canine-amphibian affection.

15. And despite the fact that they have a reputation for not getting along, there's a lot of love between dogs and cats.

16. Some cats merely tolerate the kisses.

17. Others are all about those puppy pecks.

18. But you don't have to be a household pet like a cat or a fish to be lucky enough to get doggie kisses.

19. Of course, sometimes the kisser becomes the kissee.

20. They're always in the moooooo-d for spreading some sweet lovin'.

21. And they're happy to share a loving moment with anybunny.

22. Dogs don't care if you look exactly like them... or if you come from the other side of the dog park.

23. Total strangers or roommate BFFs, dogs are down to smooch.

24. All they care about is that you're willing to be kissed... whatever you are.


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