21 Times Dogs Totally Won

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Dogs, you guys, they are ALWAYS winning at life. They're just so darn cute we give 'em whatever they want. And they want some pretty freaking awesome things.

Check out these doggos below who have just straight up WON.


Video of the Day

Video of the Day

1.When this lab lived her best pool life.

2. Not to be outdone, these dogs have their own kayak.

3. Meanwhile, this guy is also living a pretty dang great summer life because POPSICLES.

4. This dog gets handfed watermelon by his loving owner; we want to be this dog.

5. This dock doggo doin a dance.

6. This birthday pup got a PUPCAKE!

7. And this birthday baby got a whole freaking dog cake!!!

8. And let's give respect where it's due — to this canine criminal mastermind.

9. And this big cutie is getting the best belly rub of ANYONE'S life.

10. This dog found the best blanket in the world, and he's never leaving it —nevernevernever.

11. This chihuahua who just got smooched.

12. This lab who gets to run FREE FREE FREE!

13. And this Boston terrier who is having a freaking perfect day at the beach.

14. To catch the tennis ball, you must study the tennis ball.

15. This guy and his sweet bed that's more comfy than most humans' beds.

16. "First day out on the lake! So much running to do🐶🐾"

17. Well, we guess you could ask for this: a whole bunch of mud to roll around in and NO ONE TO STOP YOU!!!

18. Omigoodness, this golden who gets to take a bath with a whole bunch of other goldens.

19. This pup who has found their new favorite chair.

20. This dog rocking a sweet bow tie.

21. This dog watching sunrises and sunsets in the same day.