16 Guard Dogs Who Are Doing A Horrible Job

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It's been thousands of years later since humans first domesticated dogs, and we still count on them for protection and loyalty. Unfortunately, it seems that some pups have lost the knack.


1. Reminder: The quickest way to a dog's heart is food.

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2. "I'm just resting my eyes."

3. "Hey! A new friend!"

4. The humiliation will be unBEARable.

5. Ferocious puppy nibbles!

6. Again?

7. In the event of a real Godzilla attack, we'd be so screwed.

That look at the end tho. 🤣


Video of the Day

8. Bring it on!

9. There are more effective car alarms, but they're not nearly as cute.


11. What a dilemma.

12. Beware of (tripping over) dog.

13. No, seriously, watch your step.

14. "CONSTANT VIGIL — hey, is that a squirrel?"

15. "When you're going out for dinner and ask the dog to guard the house."

16. Even the best guard dogs are susceptible to butt scritches.


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