19 Hilarious Times Your Pet Avoided All Responsibilities

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Sometimes you need your pet to do things, but you just can't get them to take responsibility — like these adorable troublemakers.

1. When they make every excuse to save up their energy ... although they won't say for what.

2. When they're constantly getting into trouble while you're away.

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3. When they would lose their tail if it wasn't attached.

4. When they can't even disobey your rules very well.

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5. When they act like every day is a weekend, but swear they'll get stuff done on Monday.

6. When they can't quite figure the simple things out.

7. When they get the others in on it as their accomplices.

8. When they really get in the way of your morning routine.

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9. When they get way too into their hobbies, and it gets weird.

10. When you ask them to do something, and they pretend to be too sick.

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11. When even simple hygiene just takes too much work.

12. When they become a master of disguise to get out of doing anything they're supposed to.

13. When they're a bad influence on the other neighborhood pets.

14. When they convince you to get them everything they want.

15. When they're suspiciously happy when they dart past you in your office.

16. When they constantly get into scrapes, and you have to rescue them.

17. When you try and critique them, and they just sass you.

18. When they get you to pamper them more than you pamper yourself.

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19. When they finally get moving for the day, and it does not go well.

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