Just 16 Hilarious Photos of Animals Sneezing

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A still photo can capture moments that the naked eye might otherwise miss, like these extremely comical animals mid-sneeze.

1. Profile picture vs. tagged photo

2. Careful, you're in the splash zone.

3. That's an "excited about wet food" sneeze.

4. Pollen is the only downside of outdoor photo shoots.

5. Wait for it... waaait for it...

6. Mid-sneeze with a snootful of sand.

7. Sneeze or evil laugh?

8. You know it's a powerful sneeze when the nose twitch is blurry.

9. Sneeze + blep = bleeze? Slep?

10. "Caught my dog mid sneeze. Looks like she’s laughing."

11. Gesundheit.

12. "My dog. pre-sneeze. sitting on a toilet. on my porch. enjoy."

13. When you accidentally turn on the front-facing camera.

14. The sassiest sneeze ever.

15. When the nip kicks in.

16. This one goes over the fireplace for sure.


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