17 Super Annoying Things All Cats Do

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Don't worry, we still love them anyway.


1. When they shadow you from room to room 24-7-365.

Video of the Day

This is my cat when she discovers I'm in the bathroom by myself. So clingy!



2. When you step away from your desk for a short break only to come back and find this. #theperilsofworkingfromhome

You know the drill: If they fits, they sitsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss;lakdjf;lakd;qoie uponcqknf;qoiweprujd;lkvnaspeoir.


3. When they offer to share their catch of the day.

But, hey, it's the thought that counts tho, right?


4. Or partake in yours (press play to watch & turn the volume up).



5. When they act as a late night-early morning alarm clock you have no memory of setting.

6. When you find them napping on freshly laundered towels less than 5 minutes after folding them.

Every. Single. Time.



7. When they knock your glasses off because they want attention and they want it MEOW.

Over & over & over again (press play to watch).

The third time was endearing, but the fourth? My dude, show some respect.


8. When they turn the bathroom, aka their human's litter box, into a disaster zone.

It's a toilet paper ​cat-astrophe​ (sorry, not sorry).


9. When your glass of water becomes their glass of water.

You have a bowl with your name on it for a reason, bud.

10. When you sit down to binge your favorite new show only to find out someone's already watching theirs.

Paws meeting pause.


11. When they decide to test gravity on all the things.

It's an important job, tbh.

12. When you buy them an expensive bed or cat tree but they'd rather sleep in the box it arrived in.

Trolling level: Expert

13. When your attempts to make the bed in the morning end in utter, utter failure.

To be fair, this isn't entirely unique to cats.

14. When they can't decide whether they want to be in or out.

When you can't decide whether to stay in or go out so you just split the difference. You are hereby on notice because I won't hold it open forever, ya dig?


15. When you find them literally chilling in no-fly zones like the refrigerator.

Effs officially given: 0.

16. When they "snack" on things that aren't food, like, say, oh, plastic. 🤦

17. When they turn in place for any duration longer than 30 seconds trying to get comfy.

You might like to make biscuits, pal, but this isn't a bakery. #getonwithitalready

Is your cat an annoying but loveable bugger? Tell us about their quirks in the comments below!


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