10 Signs Cats Are Evil Geniuses

Don't be fooled, humans. That "loving" cat purring in your lap is every single Bond villian put together, and we can prove it.

evil gray cat

1. Cats have a talent for destruction.

cat gif

Image: Reddit

2. You know how their eyes reflect light in the dark?

cat with spooky eyes

Image: dumpaday

3. They are masters of the deadly hide and pounce.

cat pouncing

Image: senorgif.com

4. Sometimes they seem a little too smart for our own good.

cat reading

Image: iizcat.com

5. And when something goes wrong for us, our cats seems a little too happy about it...

cute evil kitten

Image: Pinterest

6. Like the Jurassic Park raptors, they’ve learned to open doors.

cat opening door so other cat can go in

Image: YouTube

7. They're even evil to other cats.

Exhibit A:

two orange cats

Exhibit B:

cat swiping at other cat
credit: Tumblr

Exhibit C:

cat closing another cat in a box

Image: Tumblr

8. Your new pet is their new minion.

kitten riding a turtle

Image: Tumblr

9. This is the opposite of hugging. The OPPOSITE.

10. And finally, they just have that look in their eyes.

cat with evil look in its eyes