10 Signs Cats Are Evil Geniuses

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Don't be fooled, humans. That "loving" cat purring in your lap is every single Bond villian put together, and we can prove it.


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1. Cats have a talent for destruction.

Image: Reddit


2. You know how their eyes reflect light in the dark?

Image: dumpaday


3. They are masters of the deadly hide and pounce.

Image: senorgif.com


4. Sometimes they seem a little too smart for our own good.

Image: iizcat.com


5. And when something goes wrong for us, our cats seems a little too happy about it...

Image: Pinterest


6. Like the Jurassic Park raptors, they’ve learned to open doors.

Image: YouTube


7. They're even evil to other cats.

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

Exhibit C:

Image: Tumblr


8. Your new pet is their new minion.

Image: Tumblr

9. This is the opposite of hugging. The OPPOSITE.

giphy embed

10. And finally, they just have that look in their eyes.

Image: teamavolition


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