14 Excited Dogs Who Are Basically Us On Christmas Morning

We're mere days away from Christmas morning and all of the excitement that comes with it. Here are 17 animals who GET it.

1. When you wake up and realize it's CHRISTMAS.

2. When it's ALMOST time to open presents.

3. When someone in your family opens a truly incredible gift and blows everyone away.

4. When you're running through the house waking everyone up way earlier than they want to wake up.

5. When you're trying to convince everyone that it's time to START CHRISTMAS.

6. When you promise that you haven't peeked at any of the presents.

7. When you just have to show off your cool new gift.

8. When you see a favorite relative who you only see at the holidays.

9. When you are beside yourself trying to thank someone for a super thoughtful gift.

10. When someone in your family just isn't into the holiday as much as you but that can't slow you down.

11. When the baking begins.

12. When your fave relative arrives.

13. When you hit peak Christmas.

14. When you have given all the energy you have to give.