16 Funniest Pet Reactions The World Has Ever Seen

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What would we do without pets? I hope we never know.

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1. When your manager asks you to stay until closing.

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2. When the pets, especially the dog, all hate you now.

3. Accurate

4. That friend who has to do the most in a selfie.

5. Try that again ... I dare you.

6. On ethics: who's a good boy?

7. "You goata be kidding me."

8. And you thought you'd never use math outside dogeometry class.

9. When you're at a boring party and your jam comes on.

10. When people hate on you but copy your style anyway.

11. "Why do hooman do dis?"

12. The ritual is complete.

13. When someone makes you feel your own feelings.

14. Heck the police!

15. When you finally manage to stay out of drama just so you can enjoy it from a distance.

16. When you tryna only spend like $20 for dinner, but the bill is $167.50.

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