Episode 6: Are Kittens Easier Than Puppies?

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Baby pets are a handful. They wake up humans in the middle of the night, can be crazy and wild, and then there's the puke — lots and lots of puke. But we love them anyway.

But which baby pets need more attention: kittens or puppies?


Video of the Day

That's the million dollar question in this special Adopt-A-Cat Month episode, where our co-host Allegra Ringo actually adopts a sweet little kitty from the Los Angeles-based rescue Santé D' Or.

Image Credit: Allegra Ringo

His name is Rick, and he is so adorable! Look at that little tongue. We can't get enough of her.


We've got tips to help new pet parents settle into their roles, and we also have ways for people to help homeless cats when they're not in a position to adopt.


We meet the world's longest cat, a Maine Coon named Omar. He's huge. He's fluffy. He's everything a gigantic cat should be.


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