Horse Rocking Fussy Baby To Sleep Is The Cutest Friendship Ever

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This week in interspecies friendship goals: A horse soothes a baby's nerves by giving the car seat in which the crying tot was sitting a gentle nuzzle with her nose.


Posted to YouTube earlier in the month, the clip comes without much in the way of context — you know, the where, the when, the who, etc. — but it's plenty adorbs nonetheless.

While it's typically a baby straddling the horse — of the rocking wood-and-iron variety — the friendly filly here flips that script on its head in the best way possible.


And if the horse seems a bit non-plussed about the tiny human's presence in the stall, the baby's cooing "wheeeeeeeees" seem to indicate the experience is an enjoyable one nonetheless.

Can you watch the clip without breaking into a smile? CAN YOU REALLY?

Embedded below: The heartwarming meet cute — press play to watch!

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