These 21 Dogs In Bikinis Will Have You Poolside In Minutes

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In honor of Bikini Day (and making everyone's day better in general), we've rounded up 21 of the best images of dogs in bikinis the internet has to offer.

1. "It's aspirational."

Video of the Day

2. "Minding my tan lines."

3. "Your move, Taylor Swift."

4. #DayOnABoatGoals

5. This is some pin-pup (GET IT?) model style.

6. "A failure to plan is a plan for not having EVERYTHING poolside."

giphy embed

7. "I'll just show a LITTLE midriff..."

8. "Tankinis for life."

9. "BFF coordination."

10. Literally all of us, 10 minutes into laying out.

giphy embed

11. "High fashion AF."

12. "Don't look at me."

13. "Cover your angles."

14. "What? No, you go swim. I'll just be here all day/forever."

15. "This is my 'old Hollywood' look."

16. "'MURICA."

17. "Bikini = 1000 percent better than the beach."

18. "Such chill."

19. "This IS my bikini body."

20. "I only do horizontal hula."

21. When you'd honestly rather be wearing a one-piece.