10 Dog Breeds With The Most Expensive Veterinary Bills

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Veterinary bills are perhaps the most expensive, and most dreaded aspect of dog ownership. Not only can they arise at a moment's notice, they can run you thousands of dollars. But which breeds cost their owners the most money at the vet?

Analysts at pet research site Petbreeds worked with Veterinary Pet Insurance Co. (VPI) to find out the answer to this question. According to an article on Graphiq (the company that powers Petbreeds), the researchers "looked at breeds with at least 2,000 policies with VPI, and found the 10 dogs with the largest amount in injury and illness claims, on average, from 2011 to 2013."


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The list is ranked in ascending order according to what dog owners of each breed pay on average in veterinary costs per year. Graphiq notes that these numbers are averages, and they only account for illness and injury — routine veterinary care like dental cleanings and checkups are not included.


With no further ado, here are the breeds with the most expensive vet bills.

10. Basset Hound — $1,064 average claimed per year.

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9. French Bulldog — $1,087 average claimed per year.

Image Credit: damedeeso/iStock/GettyImages

8. Weimaraner — $1,111 average claimed per year.

Image Credit: SoLeaux/iStock/GettyImages

7. Rhodesian Ridgeback — $1,122 average claimed per year.

Image Credit: tkatsai/iStock/GettyImages

6. Great Dane — $1,127 average claimed per year.

Image Credit: dmussman/iStock/GettyImages

5. Doberman Pinscher — $1,163 average claimed per year.

Image Credit: nico_65/iStock/GettyImages

4. English Cocker Spaniel — $1,172 average claimed per year.

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3. Rottweiler — $1,186 average claimed per year.

Image Credit: Tastypictures/iStock/GettyImages

2. Newfoundland — $1,294 average claimed per year.

Image Credit: cynoclub/iStock/GettyImages

1. Bernese Mountain Dog — $1,361 average claimed per year.

Image Credit: josianefarand/iStock/GettyImages

Graphiq has more information on the ailments that might be behind the vet bills of these various breeds. Read up on them, and if you're planning on adopting a Bernese Mountain Dog, start saving your pennies.


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