21 Rebellious Dogs Who Play By Their Own Rules

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We know all dogs are good dogs (at least deep down), but that doesn't mean they always play by our pesky human rules. Here are 21 dogs who march to the beat of their own rule-breaking drummers.

1. "Who's a good boy? Not me."

2. This dog who gives absolutely zero f**ks about status updates.

3. "Remove this."

4. "Off what? Off this precarious sign?"

5. "I fixed it."

6. "I'm doing this with FLAIR, mom."

7. "No one tells pug what to do. YOLO."

8. "Don't hate me cause you ain't me."

9. "Done now."

10. "Wait, so this WASN'T just a very large chew toy?"

11. "Oh, does this sidewalk count as school grounds?"

12. "Quick! To the nearest bank ... for absolutely no reason."

13. "This sign is probably fake, but just in case ..."

14. "Next time, we take the whole car."

15. "We're a bad influence."

16. "Get my order right or don't even bother."

17. "Wake me up. I dare you."

18. "I won't let The Man ruin my vacation."

19. "When you've gotta go, you've gotta go."

20. "What about BYOB?"


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