19 Things You Know If Your Facebook Profile Is A Photo Of A Dog

There are two reasons to have a dog in your profile picture. One, you're a dog. Two, you have a dog, and you really love it. Some people might say you love dogs too much, but those people are crazy.

1. Your dog is the most important person in the world.

Man holding dog
credit: Tumblr

2. You can't stay mad at them — they're good dogs, deep down!

Dog looking guilty.
credit: Funny Junk

3. If you have to leave town, you will do anything to make sure they're properly cared for.

4. Your dog deserves a treat just for being a dog.

Dog licking whipped cream.
credit: Facebook

5. Maybe the world would be a better place if we let dogs run everything.

Flag printed with dog's face.
credit: Tumblr

6. Your dog is pretty much your number one priority.

Person recites dog's vital stats.
credit: Tumblr

7. Babies are boring, but everything dogs do is amazing.

8. Even looking at pictures of dogs gives you all the feels.

Sobbing over cute dogs on the internet.
credit: Tumblr

9. Shhh, just let it happen.

Woman kissing dog.
credit: Whisper

10. Your friends don't get it, but they know not to press this issue.

Pictures of dog's birthday party.
credit: Wanna-Joke

11. Ninety percent of your selfies have your dog in them.

Man takes selfie with dog.
credit: Instagram

12. Your phone is so full of pics of your dog that you have to delete some to make room for more.

13. Oh, also, your home decor is pretty much all dog-related.

14. Just the idea of any harm coming to your sweet pup is unbearable.

Illustration of man and dog.
credit: Imgur

15. When you call home, it's only to get someone to put the dog on the phone.

Closeup of dog's face in video chat.
credit: Reddit

16. Petting a dog is enough to literally raise you from the dead.

Blurry ghost runs to meet dog.
credit: Tumblr

17. You see being a dog person as a life-long commitment.

Two dogs in matching pajamas.
credit: Imgur

18. Any dog you meet is your new best friend.

19. At some point, you embraced the fact that you'll always be covered in fur, and you've never looked back.

Jeans covered in dog hair.
credit: Instagram

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