14 Fluffy White Baby Flamingos Will Make Your Heart Hatch

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Flamingos are naturally elegant and exotic. Their hot pink color (for most breeds) and unique shape make them one of the most distinct-looking birds in the animal kingdom.

But when they're first born, they don't exactly resemble their more exquisite adult selves. Instead, they look like adorable little white cotton fluffs.

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And lucky visitors at the Chester Zoo in Britain got to see the fluffy hatching in action recently as the zoo welcomed 14 baby flamingos into the world (press play to watch).

Chester Zoo had previously welcomed baby flamingos into their flock — or "flamboyance" as it's called when it's a group of flamingos. Last year, they hatched 23 eggs in the summer.

The flamingos that Chester Zoo most recently hatched are from the zoo's Caribbean flock, which means they'll eventually grow into the largest of all flamingo breeds and their feathers will turn that iconic flamingo pink.

But, for now, they definitely stand out from the rest of the crowd.

The egg hatching began on June 29 and continued until recently.

The adorable babies will be cared for by the zoo's staff.

Around the six-month mark, these little ones will begin to turn pink like the rest of their flamingo crew.

Until then, though, they'll be on display to the public in all their fluffy white glory.


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