26 People Getting OVERWHELMED When They Meet Their Pet For The First Time

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Meeting your pet for the first time is an overwhelming experience, whether you know it's coming or not. But when it's unexpected (but verifiably ​wanted​ — PSA: Do ​not​ buy someone a pet as a gift if you don't know for ​sure​ that person is willing and able to care for a pet), the reactions are so very extra. Here are 26 people feeling literally all of the feels as they meet their new pets.

1. This little girl who lived the Christmas you always wanted.

2. This grown woman who had an almost-religious experience when she got her dream puppy for Christmas.

3. This dad who basically became a kid again when he met his new dog.

4. These five kids who went through the entire spectrum of emotions when their dad surprised them with a puppy at 2 a.m. (as you do).

6. This woman who wanted a dog for YEARS before her boyfriend surprised her with one.

7. This woman who got a puppy at her graduation and her diploma was officially not the best thing she got that day.

8. This woman whose reaction to her new dog is exactly what euphoria looks like.

9. This woman who was spooked when her gift box moved, but then was obviously okay with why.

10. This bride who was surprised with a dog at her wedding and might love him more than her new husband (but that's totally fair, right?).

11. This woman who went into shock and then full-on ugly cry tears of joy over her new puppy.

12. This little girl who thought she was getting a guinea pig, but actually got a puppy and LOST IT.

13. This little girl who deserves an Emmy for her new puppy reaction. Do they give Emmys for that? Can we put in a request?

14. This little girl who came * this close * to fainting when she came home from school to find a new puppy waiting for her.

15. This girl whose family surprised her with a new family puppy when she came home from college, and her response was to immediately start chasing the dog for love.

16. This woman who literally jumped for joy at the sight of her surprise puppy.

17. This woman who literally jumped for joy even more.

18. This little girl who sobbed that she had the "best parents ever" when they surprised her with a bunny (she wasn't wrong).

19. This little girl who showed the world what falling in love-at-first-sight looks like when she met her kitten.

20. This woman whose boyfriend surprised her with a pug puppy after she lost her 10-year-old beagle.

21. This Marine veteran who turned to a pile of mush when he got a puppy to help with his PTSD.

22. These girls whose new puppy emotions came in INTENSE waves.

23. This grandpa,whose family bought him a puppy to keep him company after his wife of 63 years passed away. BRB, CRYING FOREVER.

24. This grandma who saw the surprise coming and then still had the happiest possible reaction ever.

25. This little girl who actually couldn't believe the new puppy was really hers and kept demanding assurance that no one was joking with her.

26. This woman whose reaction to a surprise puppy is exactly what you'd imagine the perfect reaction to a surprise puppy to be.

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