18 Dogs You Wish You Knew In Real Life

You know that feeling you get when you see a dog on the internet who is so handsome, charming, cuddly, or talented that it makes you a little bit angry? There should be a word for that feeling.

1. This dog is better at footie than 90 percent of human beings.

2. This dog wants to make you breakfast.

Dog wearing chef's hat
credit: Imgur

3. How does one obtain an invitation to this party?? Asking for a friend.

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4. This. Dog. Is. So. Cool.

5. So that's how you nail a job interview!

Men in suits talking.
credit: Imgur

6. Squad goals.

Matching puppies compared to matching dogs in sunglasses.
credit: Instagram

7. Have you ever seen a reverse snoot boop?

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8. Raise your hand if you would wingman for this dog.

Dog looks uncomfortable with other dog.
credit: Imgur

9. There's nothing better than loading up a canoe and ruffing it with your best friend.

Dog in canoe with beautiful landscape.
credit: Reddit

10. The perfect companion for your Game of Thrones marathon.

Dog lounging on couch with chips.
credit: Instagram

11. These dogs are the canine equivalent of the police who come to break up the party and end up playing beer pong instead.

12. Good boy? Or goodest boy?

Dog sprained its tail.
credit: Tumblr

13. Imagine showing up at a bar and seeing this dog nail called shot after called shot.

14. 10/10, would rob a bank with them

15. This sweet pup probably has some great music recommendations.

16. Board game night? More like BORED game night, right?

Dog ruining game of Monopoly.
credit: Tumblr

17. This dog understands TGIF.

Wine glass full of dog biscuits.
credit: Instagram

18. Only the truly worthy can lift the hammer of Thor.

Dog holding Thor's hammer.
credit: Imgur

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