17 Dogs Who Are Forgetting The Rules & Falling In Love With Cats

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Dogs vs. cats is an age old debate and pet lovers worldwide are usually clear on their stance. Dog lovers indulge in the passion, joy, and unending energy of their canine companions. Cat lovers, on the other hand, take pride in the strength, smarts and slyness of their kitty kids.


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As humans continue the battle, there are some doggos out there that have no idea why they would ever hate cats. In fact, they love their kitty counterparts! Just to prove it, here are 18 dogs that are literally obsessed with cats.


1. Nothing says "obsessed" like matching bow ties and your love on a pedestal.

2. Smart dogs know kitties make the best cuddle buddies.

3. "Can't stop. Won't stop. Love you too much."

4. This is the sweet spot for all kitty lovers.


6. Seriously ... MINE.

7. OF COURSE, she can have my bed!

8. Inseparable

9. "I don't mean to be creepy, but your head smells amazing."

10. He's about to cry tears of joy.

11. When you try your hardest to deny your love ... but you just can't.

12. And when you just don't care who knows because you're obsessed and indulge in all the love and give us all the feels!

13. Cats will always be part of the crew.

14. Screaming like James Brown because you're just too obsessed.

15. "How could I NOT love my baby?"

16. She may not love me back, but that's purrfectly fine with me.

17. Face it, they're just too darn cute not to be obsessed!

We totally get it, doggos. We're obsessed with kitties too! Cheers to love, unity, and pet peace across the land!


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