These Very Important Photos Of Curly-Haired 'Poodle Cats' Will Make You So Happy

As with human fashion, kitty coats come in and out of style. And right now, the hot, must-have look is the one modeled by these so-called "poodle cats" and their ameow-zing, coil-shaped curls.

According to The Dodo, the fluffy breed in question here is the Selkirk Rex — and it comes with something of an accidental backstory that can be traced back to a single cat dubbed Miss DePesto (a nod to the curly-haired character of the same name from Moonlighting, an '80s television series).

Born 30 years ago in a Montana shelter, DePesto's wiry curls caught the eye of Jeri Newman, a local breeder who promptly adopted and crossed her with a Persian.

When DePesto's litter yielded three cats (of six) with the same wavy coat, Newman deduced that a genetic trait was likely triggering the Selkrik Rex's signature fur, which some have, with a sense of humor, likened to a "living teddy bear" or "a cat in sheep's clothing."

And because "the kinky hair is a dominant trait," notes Mother Nature Network, "it's easy for breeders to retain the curls while cross-breeding to maintain genetic diversity." (So strong, in fact, is the curly trait that it extends to a cat's whiskers (!!!), something that manifests itself not long after birth.)

Having been formally recognized as a breed since 2012, there are now a wide assortment of permutations on the Selkirk Rex type, a sampling of which is collected below for your scrolling pleasure.

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