14 Photos That Prove Cats Are Actually Sweethearts

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Cats sometimes get a bad rap but as these pictures prove, they aren't all standoffish little jerks and they're pretty sweet when they want to be.

As the meme goes, get someone to look at you the way these kitties look at their people.


Video of the Day

Video of the Day

1. "I think the feral kitten we took in a week and a half ago is settling in nicely."

2. "My daughter and her favorite cat Fluffy..."

3. "My Void is sad when I leave for work 🙁"

4. "Them: Cats are aloof and don't care about people. Jojo: I must be in the same room as my person at all times"

5. "Aw look at that love in those eyes!"

6. "Share this picture with someone who thinks that all cats are brats."

7. "She fell asleep hugging my arm and is purring in her sleep"

8. "This is one of my fosters Gil. Gil is feral and still learning to live among peoples. Early results suggest he...likes it!"

9. "My cat is half tortie, half Velcro."

10. "Any cat lover knows that cats can actually be straight-up sweethearts and here's proof!"

11. "She's got me wrapped up tight."

12. "When your house panther has murder mittens but is also a cuddly boy."

13. "100% accurate"

14. "Precious AND adorable!"


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