18 Cats With Fabulous Pants

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18 Cats With Fabulous Pants

Kitty pants, meowser trousers, feline fluffaloons: these are just a few of the words we use to appreciate a cat's back end.

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1. And... pose.

2. Please appreciate these well-tailored culottes.

3. When someone busts in on you while you're admiring your pants in the mirror.

4. Not so much pants as they are thigh high stockings.

5. "Someone fell in the pool this morning and now his pants are all curly!"

6. "This is Tugboat, one of my current fosters. He’s almost all black with a couple small white patches and these fantastic silver britches!"

7. "Trousers of legendary proportions."

8. Putting those skinny leggings up ahead to shame.

9. "Archie is curious and well pantalooned."

10. "Did I put on the right pants today? Yes. Yes I did."

11. "Petite Prudence parading in her poofy pants."

12. "High-Rise Trousers"

13. "When you have stripes you’re always stuck wearing pajamas."

14. Ooh, are bell bottoms back?

15. "Thicc Therman lounging in his hot pants."

16. "These orange striped leggings accentuate her ample curves."

17. Fashion Week is here, and the cat walk is dazzling.

18. Boots with the fur (with the fur)


Video of the Day

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