17 Pics of Dogs & Their Pet Cats That Will Restore Your Faith in the World

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Who adopted who? We could debate it, or we could just bask in the good vibes.

1. The best of friends.

Image Credit: koryface via Reddit

2. "They have the same hobbies."

3. "Waffles (cat) and Donna Jean fell asleep together, exhausted after a rough hour of play."

4. "Bumi using Nakatomi as a pillow is their norm."

5. "Skye and Remy's cuddly shenanigans"

6. "Found my cat and dachshund cuddling together in the sun."

7. "My cats and dogs being obsessed with each other."

8. "My parents' pets are always cuddling!"

9. "Easy like a Sunday morning…"

10. "My beagle wanted to snuggle so she squeezed herself on my cat's bed!"

11. "All tangled up."

12. The absolute peak of cute.

13. Awkward family photo vibes.

14. "One little playful Ragdoll kitten and one very patient Rottweiler."

15. "Scully isn’t feeling very great but at least she has her big sister Luna to snuggle."

16. "Big spoon and little spoon."

17. "No, I haven't seen the cat..."


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