21 Of The Most Exquisite Pet Portraits The World Has Ever Seen

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Capturing the essence of your beloved pet is no easy task.

1. Not all portraits are done in paint.

2. When your dog is your hero but also a fancy fella.

3. And let's not forget the fancy ladies.

4. And who doesn't approve of a dog in old-timey clothes and a brooch?

5. When your dog is your whole world and also the whole world.

6. Realism meets impressionism meets absolutely adorable.

7. Tiny hat, big smile.

8. Some artists can capture the very essence of your pet.

9. Even simple paper portraits can really make a pet stand out.

10. Customized bags help you say, "Yes, I'm obsessed and proud of it, thank you very much," without uttering a word.

11. When your dog provides the romance you always dreamed of.

12. American Donkey Gothic.

13. "It was a dark and stormy night when I first went looking for my bone..."

14. There's almost as much personality in this portrait as there is in the pup model itself.

15. Unique and layered, just like your pet.

16. That is one delicious-looking dog.

17. I give this family pet portrait my official stamp of approval.

18. Cool tones, cool dog.

19. A psychedelic sweater cat painting looks amazing on any surface.

20. So realistic, it's almost creepy. Also, it's sort of creepy.

21. A portrait this perfect is worth 10,000 words.