Lost Cat Found Posing In The Last Place You'd Expect

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That's the only way to describe this little jerkball of a kitteh, who in a fit of situational irony, was photographed sitting on a windowsill RIGHT NEXT to the missing poster his human slaves had tacked up to broadcast his supposed disappearance.

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Where might he have been?

The possibilities, we suppose, are multitude: Dozing under the sofa, cavorting with the neighbors across the street, stealing snacks from some unsuspecting dog, only to saunter back in when he hears his panic-stricken people shaking a bag of tuna treats.


It's like he owns the damn place or something. 😉

Reaction on Twitter and Reddit, where the original post has been shared thousands of times, was a mix of resignation, bemusement, disbelief, and more than a little bit of skepticism.

"This made me laugh," wrote one commenter.

"Proof that cats love to mock us," added another.

"This is so meta i literally can't even," quipped a third.

Some nerve, cat, some nerve.