22 Kooky Cats Who Should Really Consider Talking To A Psychiatrist

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These hilarious cat pictures will have you howling with laughter.

1. "Everything is meow-velous!"

2. When you're a total drama queen.

3. When you gather up enough courage to consider starting the day, but then remember what the day will entail.

4. "This floor is pawsitively sparkling clean."

5. When that recurring nightmare you keep having actually happens in real life.

6. "You wanna go?"

7. Some people run from danger, others run right into it.

8. "Beauty Queen or not, I said I do not want to take this picture."

9. "Get your filthy paws off my money."

10. "Say whaaaaaaat?"

11. When you startle yourself and everything you do just makes it worse.

12. Kitty in bowl is happiness and happiness is kitty in bowl.

13. "Here. I'm playing. Wow, so fun. Is this what you want?"

14. When everyone at the club is concentrated on the music but you're obsessed with the lights.

15. You can take a cat to water, but you can't make it enjoy drinking it.

16. "Laugh all you want, but this will be the last face you see before you die."

17. "I ate too much catnip last night and made some bad decisions at the hairdresser this morning."

18. We all have that one bossy friend who's not even worth arguing with.

19. When you specifically asked for some personal space and your crew is not respecting that.

20. "There used to be an store on the corner there where we could really scout out the rats."

21. When your smarter friend has to rub it in your face every time you ask a simple question you know they know the answer to.

22. Feline derp-y.


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