Researchers Discover A Mysterious Connection Between Dogs And Human Sleep

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Finally! A study that officially scientifically confirms what every companion-loving dog owner wanted to hear. It turns out, dogs sleeping in the bedroom with you may actually be good for your health.

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A Mayo Clinic study suggested that sharing a sleeping environment with your pet can slightly improve your overall quality of sleep. The study monitored a handful adults while they were sleeping and gathered reactions to the sleep the morning after. Researchers concluded that people who had dogs in their room while they slept maintained slightly above-average sleep efficiency.

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To be fair, those above-average results decrease to just plain average when the dogs moved from being in the same room to resting in the beds of their owners. But, hey, at least it doesn't fall below average. That would be claws for concern for many dog owners who pawsitively won't give up their nighttime cuddle partners.

People who shared their bed with their canine companions did wake up more throughout the night.

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These are just the first findings in the great doggie bedtime debate, and they leave some lingering questions. The tested population was slightly homogenous, relatively small, and lacked a control group. It's also unclear if certain dog breeds might be better bed buddies than others. But at least these first findings seem to suggest our four-legged friends are just as good for our health at night as they are during the day.

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And, for those of you worried, rest assured knowing the dogs seemed to sleep fine no matter where they slept.

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So let's let sleeping dogs lie. After all, it turns out they're helping us catch some better Zs.