20 Animals Determined To Brighten Your Day

Mankind is blessed to live among furry friends. Not only are they cool, cute, cuddly, and amazing, they love us just as much as we love them! Check out these 20 animals who are determined to make you smile, laugh and just say, "Oh, animal kingdom — you're such a riot!"

1. Because you're never fully dressed without a smile.

2. The most convincing reminder to eat your fruits and veggies.

Pig on strawberry
credit: Magic Nature

3. And always save room for dessert!

Pig and pie
credit: Magic Nature

4. It's conga time!

5. When you MUST take a break from your day to play Peek-A-Boo.

Peek a boo pet
I see you!
credit: Laura Brubaker-Wittman

6. Animals will do anything to remind us that self-care is key.

7. When you try to discipline your doggo and he reacts with nothing but disrespect ... but you love him anyway.

8. Meet Rico and his dog, Suave.

9. Cheeks full of happy.

Chipmunk in forest
credit: legna69/iStock/GettyImages

10. They lovingly remind us not to work too hard ...

11. And never forget the importance of nap time!

12.  "Don't sweat the small stuff, bruh."

Kangaroo posing very much like a human
credit: Smileus/iStock/GettyImages

13. Ah, the sand feels good between these little piggies.

Pigs on the beach
credit: Magic Nature

14. Smile, you're sitting with the cool kids.

15. Hateful face, loving embrace. Respect the complexities of the feline.

Serious faced cat hugs friend
credit: giphy.com

16. When you seriously have no idea what's for dinner.

credit: JaysonPhotography/iStock/GettyImages

17. You've gotta fight ... for your right ... to parrrrtay!

Party Bird
credit: giphy.com

18. Ready for this guy to lick your face?

19. When you're allergic to your girlfriend's new perfume so you have to break up with her.

Sneezing Cat
credit: giphy.com

20. See? They love to see us smile!

Dog licks happy baby
credit: giphy.com