Turn Boxes Into A PET-rifyingly Cute Haunted Pet House

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Transform cardboard boxes into a spooktacular haunted house for your furry friends to enjoy this Halloween season. Fill it with their favorite treats and toys for a fun-filled trick-or-treating experience. Costumes, while optional, make for some PET-rifyingly cute photos!

Things You'll Need:

  • Large cardboard box
  • Medium cardboard box
  • Scrap cardboard
  • Ruler
  • Scissors
  • Painter's tape
  • Box cutter
  • Non-toxic craft paint
  • Paintbrush
  • Black construction paper
  • Narrow box for chimney
  • Black permanent marker
  • Hot glue gun

Tip: Be sure to use boxes that are large enough to fit your pets.

Image Credit: Trisha Sprouse
Image Credit: Trisha Sprouse
Image Credit: Trisha Sprouse

Step 1

Lift the top flaps on both boxes.

Image Credit: Trisha Sprouse

Step 2

Measure and mark a point that's 2.5 inches from the side of the top flap.

Image Credit: Trisha Sprouse

Draw a diagonal line from the point to the bottom corner of the flap, and then cut along the line.

Image Credit: Trisha Sprouse

Repeat on all sides of the top flaps. This will create the Mansard-style roof shape.

Image Credit: Trisha Sprouse

Step 3

Tape the top flaps together on each box.

Image Credit: Trisha Sprouse

Step 4

Tape a square piece of scrap cardboard on top of each box to form the flat part of the roof.

Image Credit: Trisha Sprouse

Step 5

Draw and cut out some windows. Vary the shapes to give the house more character. For example, I cut a porthole window in the roof of the taller box, pointed windows along the tops of both boxes, and an arched bay window in the front of the taller box. I also cut larger arched windows on the sides of both boxes.

Image Credit: Trisha Sprouse

Step 6

Draw and cut out a door large enough for your pets to fit through it. I cut out a large rectangular door and then made a slit down the center to make it a double-door.

Image Credit: Trisha Sprouse

Step 7

Cut a pass-through hole on the sides where both boxes meet. Make sure you size the hole according to your pet's size so they can walk between the boxes.

Image Credit: Trisha Sprouse

Step 8

Paint the house with non-toxic craft paint. I used a bright purple for the house and a slime-green color for the door and shutters.

Image Credit: Trisha Sprouse

Step 9

Cut out roof shingles from black construction paper measuring 2 inches high by 3 inches wide. Tape them to the roof in staggered overlapping rows, and crinkle the corners to give the roof a weathered look.

Note: You could glue the roof shingles down instead of taping them, but I found that painter's tape gave me the flexibility to move shingles around as needed without tearing them.

Image Credit: Trisha Sprouse

Step 10

Make a chimney using a narrow box. I cut an empty coffee-sleeve box in half, but you could use those smaller box sleeves that crackers or cookies are sold in, or you could even use an empty paper towel roll for a rounded chimney instead. Paint it black to match the roof and glue/tape it in place.

Image Credit: Trisha Sprouse

Step 11

Use scrap cardboard to make shutters. I cut out shutters the same size as the windows and painted them. Once the paint dried, I used a black permanent marker to draw on some crooked lines and taped them next to the windows.

Image Credit: Trisha Sprouse

Step 12

Add some spooky touches to the house to give it some flair. I cut out bats from black construction paper and hot-glued them to the chimney and front of the house. Small pumpkins outside the door lend a festive feel, as does a "Trick-or-Treat" sign hanging on the door.

Image Credit: Trisha Sprouse
Image Credit: Trisha Sprouse

Lastly, I used scrap cardboard to cut out a spooky tree, create fence segments, and make small tombstones for that extra haunted curb appeal.

Image Credit: Trisha Sprouse

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