20 Adorable Pets Who Just Sit There & Judge You

Ever get the feeling that your pet is judging you? You're probably right. Some critters can't quite catch on to constructive criticism.

1. This establishment's hospitality leaves much to be desired.

Judgmental cat on an armrest.
credit: Dump a Day

2. No one said life was fair.

Dog judging little girl in backseat of car.
credit: Cheezburger

3. A cat's sense of smell is twice as good as a human's, so...

Cat on bed looking judgy.
credit: Reddit

4. "By all means, stay in bed until noon. You need all the beauty sleep you can get."

5. This cat thinks it's time to get out the fava beans and decant a nice bottle of Chianti.

Cat looking judgmental and/or evil.
credit: Facebook

6.  "Honey, you need to take a long hard look at your life."

Skeptical dog in sunglasses and fishing hat.
credit: Quick Meme

7. Stop talking and listen, omfg.

Dog in arm chair looking bored.
credit: Instagram

8. "Like, is it genetic?"

Cat with head cocked to one side.
credit: Imgur

9. Kids are so spoiled these days.

Dog in newsboy cap with gray muzzle
credit: Meme Guy

10. "Still paying off your student loans? Hmm. I see."

Squinting cat wearing pearls
credit: Cheezburger

11. Court-appointed Dog Judge thinks your frivolous lawsuit is a waste of his time.

12. "That purse with those shoes? You've got to be kitten me."

Kitten looking judgmental.
credit: Quick Meme

13. "There's a car wash right up the street. Just saying."

Dog with its head out a car window.
credit: Reddit

14. "No, please, go on. I'm fascinated."

Cat with head cocked to one side.
credit: Tumblr

15. Literally looking down on you.

Dog looking down from balcony.
credit: Twitter

16. "Have a seat."

Cat sitting at table with arms crossed.
credit: Instagram

17. "I know you're still holding the ball, Kevin. I'm not stupid."

Dog looking skeptical.
credit: Reddit

18. This cat thinks you should stop taking pictures and get back to studying.

Cat looking judgmental.
credit: Instagram

19. "I see. When I sing, it's an ungodly racket, but when you sing it's the second coming of Beyoncé ."

Skeptical dog in backseat of car.
credit: Reddit

20. "You're going to wear that? In public?"