17 Dogs Who Are Doing A Hecking Concern

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We've all seen a dog get that worried face — the furrowed brow, the head tilted to the side, perhaps a hint of grimace.

Well, the internet has decided that these dogs are being done a concern. Having a concern? We're not sure; the grammar seems pretty flexible.


Video of the Day

Video of the Day

It all started with this image:

Now doggos in every corner of the internet are doing a frighten, a concern, a spook, or any other of a number of noun-ified verbs (also doin a heavy concern: English teachers at every level of the edumacation system). Here are some of our favorites:


1. Such loud borks!

2. Cats doing outnumbered dog a worry.

3. Strange orange dog is doing us a confuse.

4. Big floof has a big bork.

5. Snek give us a very big concern.

6. A refreshing change of pace.

7. Who started it?

8. Caught in the act!

9. "wat in the heck."

10. Smol human does smol dog very big concern.

11. "??? You are doing me a confuse"

12. "Brother no. Why are doing me a nom?"

13. Frisbee doing doggo an excite!

14. "Ummm ... hooman you are doing me a discomfort"

15. Doing chihuahua a significant chomp

16. "Lobster doing me a confuse!"

17. When you've been watching Netflix for six hours straight, you are doing doggo a different kind of concern.

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