22 Pets Who Prove Life Would be Bullsh*t Without Them

There are people in the world who don't have pets. They look a little something like this.

Sterling K. Brown
credit: NBC Networks

For those of us blessed with permanent furry friends, we could never imagine a life devoid of their undying love. Here are 22 pets who prove that life would be bullsh*t without them.

1. Must have a funny face partner in crime.

Dog with tongue out
credit: Emily Staley

2. According to my dog, it's five o'clock somewhere. (Hover to play.)

3. Where would you be without your roll dogs?

4. The only one who's walked in your shoes.

Cat walking on feet
credit: fisseconniie

5. If it weren't for pets, who'd we pig out with?

Pig eating ice cream
credit: Magic Nature

6. Imagine NOT waking up to this face. The horror!

7. Cuddles!

8. More cuddles!


Dog cuddle
credit: giphy.com

10. They let you know when you're being ridiculous.

Cat with blue eyes
credit: Julia Wilson

11. What would we do without study time guard cats?!

12. Only a pet monkey can truly keep you from texting your ex.

Monkey and phone
credit: giphy.com

13. And let's not forget the simple, life-giving cuteness we refuse to live without.

Cute kitten
credit: Happy Cats

14. Live-in babysitter for the win.

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15. When you have a pet lion and pet bunny all in one and refuse to give that up.

16. We've all got that one friend ... but we love him for it. #PartyHard

17. What exactly is Halloween without a pet?

18. Keep your world without furry kisses. KEEP IT!

Kitty kiss
credit: Happy Cats

19. "Yes, mom. I will model your wigs for you."

20. The ultimate training partner.

Bird on ball
credit: giphy.com

21. Staring contest: Ready? Go!

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22. Something tells us their lives wouldn't be so great without us either.

Cat claims human
credit: Internet Cats

It's true. Life just isn't life without these guys. Love you, furry friends!

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