24 Pets Doing Insane Things When Nobody Is Looking

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When we're watching, our pets might be perfect angels (okay, ​sometimes​ at least). But when our backs are turned? It's another story.

Here are 24 things pets do when nobody is watching.


Video of the Day

Video of the Day

1. Become Olympic-level jumpers in an attempt to steal food.

2. Run on the couch.

Jump on the couch.

And, okay, do other unspeakable things on the couch.

My dude, we spent money on that. 🤦


3. Nap in very ... interesting places.

4. Explore their forbidden loves.

5. Compose songs on the piano.

6. Act like a dog which is embarrassing for a cat.

7. Netflix and chill (but like, actually).

8. "I know I'm not allowed up here ...but..."

9. Or roll all over the furniture they're not allowed on.

10. Get philosophical with their toys.

"Hey duck, what's the meaning of life? You awake duck?



11. Practice escape skills, like opening doors like a human (or the raptors from Jurassic Park).

12. Practice ADVANCED escape skills, like Mission Impossible level stuff.

13. Do weird, dog yoga stretches.

14. Find and disable your stupid human surveillance.

They're evolving.



15. Baby sit. Like, literally, sit on a baby.

From the original poster: "​Kitty is never left alone with our girl and only has cuddles when an adult is holding her.​"


16. Writhe with self-doubt.

17. Rendezvous with the neighbor kid for secret hugs.

18. Hide bones in places they should probably not be hiding bones.

"They'll never find it there!!!"

19. Engage in epic games of tug-of-war.

20. Build a pillow fort.

21. Lay so still they could be mistaken for a still picture.

22. "Come on human, you'll need to do better than that"

23. Wrestle like CRAZY — until a mosquito buzzes by and a truce is called.


24. Try to take up new hobbies...even if they maybe shouldn't.


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