7 Roly Poly Pups You Have To Squish To Believe.

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If you feel jelly when you see someone's jelly-roll dog, or get all melty looking at a melty roly-poly pup, you're not alone! Please enjoy these pups and their many flaps n' folds!

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Roly Poly Squishy Pups


1. This lump who probably ordered hot wings and was given "mild".

"I was gonna let you rub my belly, but instead you've dishonored me and your family."

2. This sleepy squish, whose snores are music to our ears.

"Zzzzz… yes I ordered the pot roast for one… zzzzz."


3. This tremendous puddle of awww-some.

"I'm trying to get in shape this year. That shape, of course, is a bag of potatoes."

4. These smol Shar Pei croissants.

"Human I know you are tempted but please don't eat us! CONTROL…YOUR…CUTE AGGRESSION!!!"


5. This skeptical potato.

"Don't you think this walk is getting a little long? There bettah be a good nap ahead, kid."

6. This big ol' pupper who is forever battling gravity.

"Who ordered the extra-large melt?"


7. This actual pile of folds that may or may not be a puppy.

"Can't activate… limbs… too many… flaps."

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