21 Practical Ways To Live Your Best Life Like A Cat

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Cats care about numero uno, and we'd all be better off if we followed their feline example. I mean, how are you supposed to take care of other people if you aren't purrfectly happy and content? Learn about self care from the experts, here's 21 tips to living your best cat life.

1. Start your day with a proper breakfast.

2. Enjoy plenty of fruits and vegetables.

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But only if it makes you look cute.

3. Stay hydrated.

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You've got a big day of naps planned!


4. Remember to treat yourself!

5. Have fun with your food!

6. Dance like nobody is watching.

7. Sleep like nobody is watching.

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8. Eat like nobody is watching.

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9. Take pride in your appearance.

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10. You always have time for a quick workout!

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11. Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.

12. When you're stuck, find a new purrspective.

13. Grooming is important! You always want to look your best. (Hover to play.)

14. Always take time to recharge your batteries.

15. Cherish your loved ones.

16. Do your best!

Even if your best isn't that great.


17. Never feel guilty about taking a nap.

18. Make friends from all walks of life.

19. You've got to take chances now and then!

"The people keep saying no, but I say yes!"


20. Never give in to peer pressure.

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21. Confidence is key.

"Surely they won't want a baby after they see how cute I am!"