Episode 21: Can Pets See Ghosts?

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Most pet parents have stories about when their dog or cat creeped them out by reacting to something that just wasn't in the room. We typically brush these instances aside, but what if our pets are sensing something that humans are unable to perceive? It's silly, right? But for real, like, can cats and dogs see ghosts?


The ghoulish hosts of the Cuteness Pawdcast, Renee Colvert and Allegra Ringo, delve through the web's fossil record for evidence of pets perceiving supernatural phenomena and dig up stories of pet owners who swear their pets have seen ghosts.

Video of the Day

Just like any good horror movie, the action doesn't stop after the first kill. The frights continue with more morbid questions: Is it okay to walk your dog through the cemetery? What are the cutest couples costumes for people and pets? What are this season's most terrifying and nutritious Halloween treat DIYs for pets.



The gruesome twosome, aka Spooky Colbert and Bloody Guts Ringo, also take a Delorean into their pasts to resurrect their favorite Halloween shows like Charlie Brown, Garfield, and other animal-themed pop culture viscera from beyond the pale.


Turn the lights out, crank up the podcast, and repeat in the mirror three times: cuteness.

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