Just 19 Photos Of The Sneakiest Animal Thieves Ever Caught On Camera

Even if we caught these animals red-handed (red-pawed?) we still wouldn't arrest them. They're just too darn cute! Also, we don't have any legal authority to make arrests.

1. It's not like anyone is going to notice.

2. "You're not using this, are you?"

3. Swimming is for suckers. Steal a boat!

Elephant seal lounging in a boat.
credit: The Cut

4. "So cold ... so hungry ... ooh, shiny!"

5. "It's our campsite now, losers!"

Seals trampling campsite.
credit: Twitter

6. Not the most elegant heist but indisputably effective.

7. Jackpot.

8. Stealing the spotlight: maybe not illegal, but still a dick move.

9. Time to lawyer up.

Dog standing in melted snow surrounded with stolen socks.
credit: Reddit

10. "Just act natural ..."

11. It seems Disney is embarking on an ambitious live-action remake of Robin Hood.

12. Look at those mean divers, stealing a camera from an aspiring young cephalopod photographer!

13. It's the ultimate heist.

Confident-looking puppy carrying leaves.
credit: Reddit

14. So much for scoring a birdie, right? (That's a golf joke.)

15. The real heist is at the jewelry store across the street. The squirrel is just the getaway driver.

Squirrel in a kid-sized car.
credit: Imgur

16. "Your poetry sucks, Ron. I'm doing you a favor."

17. That's what you get when you leave your stuff laying around outside.

18. "Just gonna borrow this for a sec..."

19. Playing the long con.

Dogs in a bed.
credit: 9gag