The 21 Funniest Photos Of Furry Food-Snatching Burglars

Animals can be real jerks sometimes. We all get "hangry" from time to time, but that's no excuse for outright theft.

1. Yoink!

2. "Ooh, meat stick? Don't mind if I do."

3. Based on the size of this fella, this probably isn't the first time he's invited himself to dinner.

4. It's as easy as stealing crackers from a baby.

5. *Mission Impossible theme plays*

Cat stretching to reach food on baby's highchair
credit: Reddit

6. Pfft. Tourists.

7. Wait for it...

8. Polly want a peanut? LOL TOO BAD.

9. Force field, activate!

10. "Lead us not into temptation, but - ah, screw it."

Pug contemplates slice of pumpkin pie.
credit: Cheezburger

11. "Nooo...! My... watermelon...! Come... back...!"

12. A real fly-by-night operator.

13. "What's this? Meatball sub? I guess it'll do."

14. "Oh... hey. You're home early."

Bunny stealing cookie off plate.
credit: Imgur

15. Good dogs finish last.

16. Worst poker face ever.

17. "For me? Gee, thanks!"

18. Weeks of reconnaissance finally paid off.

19. An impostor!

Raccoon stealing from bowl of cat food.
credit: 9gag

20. "I need dis."

21. "So long, suckers!"