22 People Who Got Matching Outfits For Their Pets

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If you've got the kind of pet who'll wear clothes, how could you possibly resist the opportunity to get matching outfits? It's too cute! It would be inconsiderate not to.


1. Like, seriously, how freaking cute is this?

2. Dog ponchos are important because you never know when it might start raining cats.

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3. Dude, those jackets are righteous.

4. Somehow they both wore it better?

5. "Go team!"

6. You may not have anticipated seeing a dapper sugar glider today, and yet here we are.

7. The Adventures of Batman Dog and Batman Man!

8. Walk, walk, fashion, baby

9. Gotta keep those toesies toasty.

10. Those socks look cozy af

11. "Well, one of us is going to have to change."

12. Punk's not dead!

13. Matching boo-boos.

14. These two know how to ride in style.

15. Like peas in a pod, aren't they?

16. "Quit monkeying around and take the damn picture already." - cat, probably

17. Matching tan lines.

18. "I'm going to pickachew this costume to shreds."

19. Just a couple of regular business kitties.

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20. Safety first!

21. #fallfashion

22. Who's feeling festive?