Entlebucher Mountain Dog Breed Facts & Information

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Meet the Rocky of dogs. The multi-colored Entlebucher mountain dog is small and scrappy with fierce determination. Originally bred to herd cattle, the Entlebucher has a high energy level and requires lots of exercise. Get ready to run stairs Rocky-style, and lead your Entlebucher to peak physical greatness!


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The Basics

Also known as the Entlebucher Sennenhund or Entlebucher cattle dog, The Entlebucher mountain dog is a small-bodied canine hailing from the herding group. Males range from 17-21 inches while females are a bit smaller, measuring around 16-20 inches. Both males and females weigh between 55-65 pounds. According to the American Kennel Club, their life expectancy is 11-13 years. Within those years, females have an average litter size of 7-8 puppies.

The History

The Entlebucher is the smallest and quickest of four Swiss mountain dogs including the Appenzeller, the Bernese mountain dog and the Great Swiss mountain dog. These dogs were in part bred and are known for their striking tricolor coats.


The Greater Swiss mountain dog was a cross of the Roman mastiffs and local Swiss working dogs. The other three breeds, including the Entlebucher, developed from the Greater Swiss mountain dog and were used to herd cattle.

The Personality

Entlebucher mountain dogs are known for their agility, balance, determination, and extremely high energy level. They require more exercise than most dogs and perform best when they have a job to do. This particular breed is not for the casual dog owner.


Because of this dog's incredible strength, families with children should think long and hard before incorporating an Entlebucher into the fold. These dogs, with their herding background, can get quite protective and possessive of young children but may become physically overbearing. Entlebuchers may try to even playfully herd the children! Overall, they are friendly and loving with children as well as other family pets but supervision is suggested.


The protective and aggressive nature of Entlebuchers make this breed an effective watchdog. They bark when alerted by unfamiliar noises or presences. They act fearlessly and are unafraid to protect their family.

The Appearance

These tricolored beauties are small and muscular with a long back and short, sturdy legs. They have dark brown eyes nestled in the friendliest of faces. Their colorful coats are black, white and tan or black, white and yellow. These coats experience moderate shedding that tends to be a bit heavier in the spring. Entlebuchers require little grooming and are very low maintenance.


Entlebucher mountain dog essential facts:

  • *Personality: *Athletic, protective, independent, loyal
  • *Energy Level: *Very active
  • *Barking Level: *Occasional
  • *Shedding: *Moderate
  • *Grooming: *Low maintenance
  • *Good with Children: *Yes, with supervision
  • *Trainability: *Moderate, obedience training recommended
  • *Height: * 17-21 inches (male), 16-20 inches (female)
  • *Weight: * 55-65 pounds
  • *Life Expectancy: * 11-13 years

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