26 Pets Being Absolute Jerks

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Pets are wonderful. Pets are angels and little balls of happiness and perfection who can do no wrong. Except when they are not. Because, let's be honest, sometimes they're just jerks.

1. Having flashbacks to playground "down low, too slow" mockery.

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2. You should really cut back on caffeine anyway, right?

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3. "I don't want it anymore."

4. Oh are you hot? Too bad.

5. Rule No. 1: Don't mess with someone literally big enough to swallow your head.

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6. "Baby? What baby? All I see is this squirmy pillow."

7. "Other dog? What other dog? All I see is this arm rest."

8. "Yoga is stupid."

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9. The look that says you're definitely NOT getting your spot on the bed back tonight.

10. Some dogs get very territorial of beds.

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11. "I found somewhere warm to nap."

12. Some dogs just don't learn, you know?

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13. He doesn't even like pizza. That's the jerkiest part.

14. Dog sleeps on cat's terms or not at all.

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15. Who even knows what this thing used to be?

16. "BOO!"

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17. "My float!"

18. Seriously, dogs love pool floats.

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19. You can't out-jerk a cat.

20. Sometimes you decide to swim. Sometimes other people decide you should swim.

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21. The pillow knows what it did.

22. Emperor Dog did not give you permission to stop petting.

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23. Spa day.

24. Eyes on ME.

25. "I hear you, I'm just not listening. See the nuance there?"

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26. This dog must be a girl because she just got ... female dog slapped.

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